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Week 2-Spotlight Game

Last week's Spotlight Game of the Week between Burning Bush Church and Deliverance Ministries did not disappoint! It lived up to it's expectations. The Burning Bush Church jumped out to an early 1st half lead from hustle, good defense and crucial shots, including a buzzer beater made by veteran Julius Payne. After a commanding 42-25 halftime lead, it was Deliverance Ministries with pressured defense that held Burning Bush to no field goals in the 3rd quarter. Deliverance was able to cut the lead to only 5 points after 3 periods of play. After 4 quarters, the game was deadlocked at 61. Burning Bush was able to fight through the tough defense of Deliverance to hold them off for a double overtime victory, winning 67-63. The Bush Boys managed to hold sharp shooter, Terrel Lipkins, 0-6 from beyond the arc for the entire game.

These are definitely two of the top teams in the Christian Basketball League and we look forward to a future match up of these two juggernauts in the Playoffs or even a Championship showdown!

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