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Week 7 brings on a major win for Kings Chapel

Kings Chapel walked onto the court with a mind to win! They were up against the league's undefeated team but this revamped team came ready to claim the throne! The Bush played aggressively to try to gain a lead, but Kings Chapel overpowered them with great defense, strategic ball-play and consistent shooting.

It seemed as though the Bush was giving up after the first half, but Coach, Samar Lopp, implemented a plan that put them back in the game. Kings Chapel held the lead. The Bush suffered from missing players and missed critical shots. After four intense quarters, King Chapel managed to steal the undefeated title from the Burning Bush, 78-54. This was by far one of their greatest wins! Go Kings Chapel!

This Sunday, will be a match of the league's 2 top teams, Burning Bush and Canton Charge! Who will take away the win?

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